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Volume of Distribution

For one-compartment models, the central volume, \(V\), is the volume of distribution of the drug.

Single Compartment Volume in Assess

Antibodies, antibody-like molecules, large protein biotherapeutics are generally restricted to the extracellular spaces in the body. In the peripheral blood, protein biotherapeutics are restricted to the non-cellular or plasma fraction.

For a one-compartment model, the compartment volume is defined as the volume of distribution. Antibodies and antibody-based biotherapeutics generally display consistent pharmacokinetic behavior, and the volume of distribution can be set to typical values. If pharmacokinetic data or parameters for a 2-compartment pharmacokinetic model are reported for a molecule, the reported volume of distribution can be used.

Typical Values

The typical volume of distribution for an antibody is 5.2 L (Dirks et. al).


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