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Introduction to Applied BioMath Assess

AppliedBioMath Assess provides models and analyses supporting early feasibility assessment as part of model informed drug discovery. You can perform simulations with validated models across a wide range of drug modalities and disease areas. Your analyses can be used to inform target selection, project clinical dose requirements, design a lead optimization funnel, and identify areas of program risk. Early feasibility assessment, performed with Assess, leverages validated models to drive greater understanding of your targets, indications, and drugs without the need for programming.

Getting Started

If you're new to Applied BioMath Assess, you may benefit from introductions to main ideas and workflows:

  • Scenarios: the core objects of early feasibility assessment and their underlying mathematical calculations
  • An introductory case study, demonstrating how Assess can drive stakeholder alignment during early drug discovery, by providing early dose predictions
  • Basic operations of the application

Model Documentation

You can find documentation of models, including diagrams and model parameter descriptions from within the documentation tab of the application.